Emergency Needs Fund Scholarship

Only currently enrolled students may apply. This assistance is designed to help students continue their education at Waubonsee Community College that directly impacts their classes.

The emergency must be a “one-time, new barrier or obstacle” that is “unexpected or unusual”:

  • Provide clear, supporting documents of the circumstance
  • Submit a clear statement on how this impacts their ability to attend classes for the semester
  • Have completed 6 credits at Waubonsee Community College
  • Are enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours
  • Must be enrolled at Waubonsee during the Fall and/or Spring semester
  • Have demonstrated potential for academic success
  • Academically in good standing
  • Do not have student conduct cases that put them in a negative standing at the College
  • Charged in-district tuition rate and reside in Illinois

Funding is provided through donations, amounts are limited and not all requests are approved. The maximum amount awarded is $1,000 with the average amount awarded between $200 to $500.

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact emergencyneeds@waubonsee.edu.

Please note the following community resources may also be available to you:

Illinois.gov – IL Application for Benefits Eligibility (ABE) ABE Home Page

Kane County Rental Assistance (kanehealth.com)

Mortgage Assistance | Will County Illinois

Community Action | Kendall County Health Department (kendallhealth.org)

Academic and Personal Support | Waubonsee mywcc

StudentHelpResourceList 08.21.pdf (waubonsee.edu)

Home (countyofkane.org)

Kendall Area Transit (KAT) | Yorkville, IL – Official Website

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New students:

  1. First, submit a New Student Application (NSA): waubonsee.edu/nsif. After your form has been processed, you will be assigned a Waubonsee student ID number (x-number) and may begin the scholarship account activation process.
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